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I am Shuji Yamagiri, the president of D・I・O ENTERTAINMENT LLC. I am also a leader of a rock duo called KAO=S. I play guitar and sometimes sing.

Kaori Kawabuchi, the other member of KAO=S, is not only the lead singer, but also has many other careers including actress, sword dancer and motion capture actress. She is called LADY SAMURAI.


Our company is the management office of KAO=S and Kaori Kawabuchi.

The name of our company means that "Do It Ourselves".


We are a small company, but our strength is that we can make decisions quickly and act a lot.

We have worked many times in 17 countries as well as in Japan so far.


We have arranged players and performers freely and have performed KAO=S shows in 11 countries.

Dynamic shows with Japanese elements are our speciality.


And Kaori specializes in beautiful and fast sword dance and has performed in many sword dance performances, workshops, films and commercials.


If you are looking for entertainment that includes Japanese elements like sword dance by LADY SAMURAI, or dramatic and unique music show, we are the best choice for you.


We will show you entertainment you haven't experienced yet. We look forward to working with you.


Shuji Yamagiri

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◆  Company Name




Head Office

201 Aota BLDG.,3-1-9, Koenjikita, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 166-0002

Branch Office

3F MIMOZA BLDG.,2-11-10, Minami-Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 170-0005





2 Oct, 2014



Shuji Yamagiri

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